I'm Beth.

I'm a rural Iowa transplant (originally from Minnesota) by way of love for my husband.  We farm -Black Angus cattle + crops. I'm also a boy mom to Colton and Hank.  Because of them I've learned why so many mother's of boys have embraced that term - it is a real thing.  Regardless, they have taught me the feeling of true, raw, unconditional love.  It's unbelievable.  Being their mom is my most important job. 

My day job is working as a seed sales manager (I sell the seed corn and soybeans that farmers plant to produce our food.)

I'm starting this personal blog... again... because I have a deep down desire for being creative and feminine.  When you live with guys and work with (nearly all) guys you need to do something girly!

You'll find me sharing my favorite products, some house decorating, mom life and maybe (if I'm brave enough) some of my favorite clothing finds which generally remain pretty neutral.

Curious where the title Nothing But Neutral came from?  You can find out in my very first blog post!

"Hi Impact Radius"

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