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I'm Beth, a rural Iowa native, wife to a good-looking farmer, and mom to a cute, silly boy. My first love is my family and I define myself by my creative mind, giving heart, and entrepreneurial spirit.  I love to give handmade gifts, host dinner parties, and road trip with my husband.

My husband and I own and operate a first-generation family farm that includes beef cattle, corn, and soybeans.  You can see more information about our farm here.

I have a full time job with a corporate agriculture and science company that helps to support my love for interior styling, fashion, simple DIY projects, and a growing family and farm. My dream job is to own my own business - interior styling or a boutique clothing store - and have a store front.

A few things you should know....
1. I hate having my picture taken
2. Sometimes being a mom and having a full time job gets in the way of blogging
3. I'm going to share things about the farm
4. My house is usually picked up but not consistently clean
5. I'm a self-taught interior stylist
6. I rarely wear t-shirts
7. I used to write over at Design Your Dwelling but needed a fresh start

Curious where the title Nothing But Neutral came from?  You can find out in my very first blog post!

You are always welcome to contact me via email, I'd love to hear from you!  designyourdwellingblog (at) gmail.com.

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