Tuesday, May 3, 2016

home styling 101: add green + a figurine

I have a few interior styling principles that I adopted after attending a design camp hosted by ab choa.  Each room should have something old, something new, something shiny, and something fluffy.

I've added one more to the list.  Every room should have something green.  And by something green I mean something living (or for people like me that don't do well with plants, something that appears to be living.)

This something green adds a natural element of life to a space and instantly brightens the room.  Now, by combining something green with a figurine you've instantly added personal style and appeal to your space.

A figurine can be anything - a dish, figurine (the fox is a salt shaker from target), a diffuser, books, etc... be creative.

Here's a look at a few vignettes in my home where I've applied this principle.

See how I use faux greens?!  They just work better for me.  All I need to do is dust them off and I don't panic when my toddler thinks he should grab them and run. I've had the best luck at finding the faux greens at TJ Maxx.  Pier 1 Imports and Target also have good options, they are just a little more expensive so you'll have to decide what fits your budget.

Super simple, right??!!

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