Thursday, February 2, 2017

It's been a hot minute

So hot, in fact, that my brain must have gotten fried because I temporarily forgot how to log into my blogger account.  Then, I get here and I notice that a few things have changed... Clearly I un-plugged from blogging for a full 9 months, long enough to have another baby... but I didn't - just to be clear.

It's been nice to not feel the pressure of having to think of a new "something" to blog about all of the time, only to get a few readers and hope to pick up a few design clients.  However, as of late, I've felt a little craving for the creative - blogging, designing, decorating, crafting, etc... Am I ready to fully dive back in?  Not sure yet.

Instead of blogging, here's what's been shaking around our ranch (well, cold Iowa farm right now).

Our boys... yikes these two are busy!  Colton is 2 1/2 years old, full of sentences, creativity, and kindness.  However, if your kid was recently at daycare with him, you'd probably think differently about his kindness.  He bites sometimes. It sucks. I'm sorry. Everyone tells me it's a real-life boy thing.  As a mom, I want to fix it ASAP. (suggestions?!)

Hank, he's a go-er.  He'll turn 11 months tomorrow and he's walking - as in taking steps across our house (not that it's a very big house, keep that in mind) but he's WALKING!! He's happy. Always. Unless he sees his brother first thing in the morning.  Then, he's upset. He's already had more haircuts than I can count. Oh, and he hates shoes.  This is an issue when you live on a farm.

My husband and I are still married (duh!)  We love each other.  And then sometimes we make each other want to lose our minds because there are days we are both working from home.

Which leads me to mention - I took a new job at the beginning of last June!  I left my former role to take a sales position with my former employers biggest competitor. (got that?) Talk about daring! Change is scary but the risk was worth the reward.  I work from home, set my schedule, have a great manager, enjoy the team I get to work with, appreciate how the company embraces diversity, and I get a company vehicle - which has made a major impact (for the good) on our pocketbook.  Not to mention, I've made some new friends.

In other news my best friend moved to Ecuador.  She is literally countries away.  Thank goodness she's smart and figured out how to keep an American phone number so we can still talk and text.  I miss knowing that she was only a few hours away and that when I went back to Minnesota she was there to connect with.

Another one of my best friends courageously conquered breast cancer.  She's amazing.  Yet, I feel I could have been a much better friend through the process. Since I'm not always good at knowing what to do in those types of situations, I prayed for her a lot.

I took a break from decorating too.  My house, other people's houses.  I just didn't have the motivation. However, the motivation is slowly coming back.  Probably since we are considering an addition on our house and I have so many decorating ideas swirling through my head.  No, I'm not pregnant.  Usually we take on remodeling projects when we are expecting a child.

Now, the question remains - will I have another post soon?  Maybe. Hopefully.  If I can get my act together?  I do have a whole list of other things I could write about.

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